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The Air ventilators are in used in a wide range of industries all over India. The flexibility of the design is proved by the diversity of industries, from food processing units to pharmaceutical manufacturers to rubber tyre factories, Air Ventilator Manufacturers in Bangalore, air ventilator manufacturers warehouses, mechanical workshops, textiles and carpet industries, steel and iron industries round bangalore and over all india.

Salient Features

1. No power cost.
2. Runs on wind power so eco friendly and gives you carbon credits.
3. Performs even at very low wind velocity.
4. Its weather and strom proof; No leaks even during the heaviest of the rains.
5. Its adoptable to any kind of Roofing. Whether AC sheets, metalic sheets or even RCC     slabs.
6. Its maintenance free; Just install it and forget it to give you years of hassle free     ventilation.
7. Aesthetically appealing and enhances esteem of the building.

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"Ergomically designed Air ventilator systems. An efficient energy saver."

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Natural Airvent launches new range of ventilators